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Restoring SQL Server Backups from Azure Blob Storage

Niko Neugebauer walks us through special considerations when using Azure Blob Storage as your backup location:

If you are using Azure Blob Storage for SQL Server Backups, you need to know a couple of important details before you start with some significant project and as you should know (and in my head I am keep on hearing Grant Fritchey angrily declaring that there is no backup strategy that exists, if there is no restore strategy to be found in the plan).

The ACL permissions required by the Restore From URL operation in SQL Server (any SQL Server right now, starting with SQL Server 2012 page blobs and including SQL Server 2019 blob storage support that was started with SQL Server 2014) will require … [drumroll] … exclusive WRITE-permissions on the de underlying file(s).

Niko explains some of the pain around that requirement, as well as a few other bees in your bonnet.