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ksqlDB 0.11.0

Victoria Xia announces ksqlDB 0.11.0:

ksqlDB 0.11.0 contains improvements and fixes spanning stranded transient queriesoverly aggressive schema compatibility checksconfusing behavior around casting nullsbad schema management, and more. Here, we highlight a couple of additional, notable improvements.

Also on my backlog was Andy Coates, talking about key columns in ksqlDB:

ksqlDB 0.10 includes significant changes and improvements to how keys are handled. This is part of a series of enhancements that began with support for non-VARCHAR keys and will ultimately end with ksqlDB supporting multiple key columns and multiple key formats, including Avro, JSON, and Protobuf.

Before looking at the syntax changes in version 0.10, let’s first look at what is meant by keys in ksqlDB, the two types of key columns, and how this may differ from other SQL systems.

Read on, as it’s an interesting look at how different data architectures can mean radically different recommendations for key design.