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Postgres Change Data Capture into Kafka

Abhishek Gupta walks us through an example of change data capture to track events:

Change Data Capture (CDC) is a technique used to track row-level changes in database tables in response to create, update and delete operations. Different databases use different techniques to expose these change data events – for example, logical decoding in PostgreSQLMySQL binary log (binlog) etc. This is a powerful capability, but useful only if there is a way to tap into these event logs and make it available to other services which depend on that information.

Debezium does just that! It is a distributed platform that builds on top of Change Data Capture features available in different databases. It provides a set of Kafka Connect connectors which tap into row-level changes (using CDC) in database table(s) and convert them into event streams. These event streams are sent to Apache Kafka which is a scalable event streaming platform – a perfect fit! Once the change log events are in Kafka, they will be available to all the downstream applications.

Click through for the demo, using Azure components.