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Discovering Provider-Specific Commands in Powershell

Jeffrey Hicks performs some Powershell research:

I’ve been diving into PowerShell help lately while preparing my next Pluralsight course. One of the sad things I have discovered is the loss of provider-aware help. As you may know, some commands have parameters that only exist when using a specific PSDrive.  For example, the -File parameter for Get-ChildItem only works in the file system. If you change to the CERT: PSDrive that parameter isn’t available. But you do get a new parameter like -CodeSigningCert. It used to be that you could use help to discover these differences. Get-Help has a -Path parameter to assist you.

Sadly, at least for me as a PowerShell teacher, this no longer works, especially if you have updated help recently in Windows PowerShell. Microsoft is working on some updates to how Help is delivered but for now we might need alternatives.

Read on for alternatives.