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TF-IDF using Spark .NET

Ed Elliott shows how you can use the Spark .NET library to perform machine learning in Apache Spark:

Native spark has two API’s for creating your ML applications. The historical one is Spark.MLLib and the newer API is Spark.ML. A little bit like how there was the old RDD API which the DataFrame API superseded, Spark.ML supersedes Spark.MLLib.

At the end of last year, .NET for Apache Spark had no support for either the Spark.ML or Spark.MLLib API’s so I started implementing Spark.ML. In a similar way that .NET for Apache Spark supports the DataFrame API and not the RDD API, I started with Spark.ML and I believe that having the full Spark ML API will be enough for anyone.

It’s awesome that Ed is helping to move Spark .NET forward in this way.