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Setting Up Your Own R Package Repository

Steve Belcher explains how to configure a custom package repository in your environment:

One of the strengths of the R language is the thousands of third-party packages that have been made publicly available via CRAN, the Comprehensive R Archive Network. R includes several functions that make it easy to download and install these packages. However, in many enterprise environments, access to the Internet is limited or non-existent. In such environments, it is useful to create a local package repository that users can access from within the corporate firewall.

Your local repository may contain source packages, binary packages, or both. If at least some of your users will be working on Windows systems, you should include Windows binaries in your repository. Windows binaries are R-version-specific; if you are running R 3.3.3, you need Windows binaries built under R 3.3. These versioned binaries are available from CRAN and other public repositories. If at least some of your users will be working on Linux systems, you must include source packages in your repository.

There are some tools which help out with this, so read the whole thing.