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Power BI Incremental Refresh Against Web API

Dustin Ryan shows how you can have Power BI perform incremental refresh against a .NET Web API source:

The customer is using Power BI to report on data from Service Now via APIs. So the customer was able to quickly connect Power BI to Service Now data and begin reporting on relevant datasets very quickly. The challenge, however, is that querying multiple years of data via the API was less than desirable for a variety of reasons.

The customer was interested in exploring the incremental refresh capabilities of Power BI, but were worried about using Power BI’s native incremental refresh capability since query folding (if you’re new to query folding, read this here) is not supported by Power BI’s web connector. So the customer team reached out to me with the challenge and I worked up an example that I think will help them meet their requirement.

Click through for the solution.