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Never Forget a WHERE Clause Again

If you frequently forget to include the WHERE clause when you run queries, Rob Farley has an answer for you:

You meant to only update a few rows, but you weren’t paying attention to what you’d selected before hitting the Execute button. The WHERE clause got missed from what you executed, and you’ve updated every row. Oops.

Now, I totally hear you that you could’ve put this in a transaction, checked your results and then only done a COMMIT when you were sure. You could even have put that COMMIT inside an IF block that checked @@ROWCOUNT… yes, yes, yes. You could have used an SSMS add-in to let you execute the whole query that you’re currently on. You could’ve used a different tool entirely, such as Azure Data Studio. There are plenty of ways to avoid this. But I’m going to show you something that I find works for me, especially when I’m giving the script to someone else to run.

It’s more effort and makes the code harder to read, but if you have a real concern about somebody (and that somebody can include you) goofing this up, it does the job.