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SQL Server Management Studio 18.5 GA

Dinakar Nethi announces that SSMS 18.5 is now generally available:

Today, we’re sharing the release of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 18.5. We have some feature updates as well as important behind the scenes updates.

You can download SQL Server Management Studio 18.5  today and review SSMS Release Notes for full details.

Hugo Kornelis recommends that you update as soon as possible:

And I need all of you to update your version. Now. Yes, right now. Here’s a link to download it. I’ll wait.

Why the rush, you ask? Because hidden in between all the little (and some big) improvements and fixes, there is one true gem. One I wish Microsoft had done … oh, let’s say two decades ago?

Click through to see what has Hugo so excited.