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Implementing Soft Deletes in SQL Server

Brent Ozar shows how to use soft deletes in SQL Server:

Normally when you run a DELETE statement in a database, the data’s gone.

With the soft delete design pattern, you add a bit column like IsDeleted, IsActive, or IsArchived to the table, and instead of deleting rows, you flip the bit column. This can buy you a few advantages:

– Easier/faster undeletes
– History tracking (keeping deleted rows around for auditing purposes, although the method I’m going to show here doesn’t do anything fancy like track who did the delete)
– Easier reconciliation during disaster recovery failovers (refer to the Senior DBA class module on recovering from failovers for more info)
– Lower workload for Availability Groups secondaries (neat scenario from Aaron Bertrand)

Read on to see how and what the costs of this are.