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Spark is Not ACID Compliant

Kundan Kumarr explains how it is that Apache Spark is not ACID compliant:

Atomicity states that it should either write full data or nothing to the data source when using spark data frame writer. Consistency, on the other hand, ensures that the data is always in a valid state.

As evident from the spark documentation below, it is clear that while saving data frame to a data source, existing data will be deleted before writing the new data. But in case of job failure, the original data will be lost or corrupted and no new data will be written.

Click through for an explanation of these two along with a demo, and then an explanation of how Spark Datasets don’t follow the Isolation or Durability properties either. I don’t think any of this is earth-shattering to people, but it is a good reminder that Spark doesn’t fit all use cases.