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Parameters, Variables, and ForEach Loops in ADF

Cathrine Wilhelmsen has a few more posts in the Azure Data Factory series for us. First up is on parameters:

We can build dynamic solutions!

Creating hardcoded datasets and pipelines is not a bad thing in itself. It’s only when you start creating many similar hardcoded resources that things get tedious and time-consuming. Not to mention, the risk of manual errors goes drastically up when you feel like you create the same resource over and over and over again.

After that is variables:

Parameters are external values passed into pipelines. They can’t be changed inside a pipeline. Variables, on the other hand, are internal values that live inside a pipeline. They can be changed inside that pipeline.

Parameters and variables can be completely separate, or they can work together. For example, you can pass a parameter into a pipeline, and then use that parameter value in a set variable or append variable activity.

And the latest post in the series is all about ForEach loops:

By default, the foreach loop tries to run as many iterations as possible in parallel. You can choose to run them sequentially instead, for example if you need to copy data into a single table and want to ensure that each copy finishes before the next one starts.

If you choose to run iterations in parallel, you can limit the number of parallel executions by setting the batch count. The default number is 20 and the max number is 50.

This has been a very nice series, and it looks like there is a little bit more to go.