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Choosing a SQL Platform on Hadoop

Sagar Kewalramani walks us through the choices for SQL platforms on the Cloudera Data Platform:

CDW on CDP is a new service that enables you to create a self-service data warehouse for teams of Business Intelligence (BI) analysts.  You can quickly provision a new data warehouse and share any data set with a specific team or detpartment. Do you remember when you could provision a data warehouse on your own?  Without infrastructure and platform teams getting involved? This was never possible.  CDW fulfills this mission.  

However, CDW makes several SQL engines available, and with more choice comes more opportunities for confusion.   Let’s explore the SQL engines available in CDW on CDP and talk about which is the right SQL option for the right use case.

So many choices!  Impala? Hive LLAP?  Spark? What to use when?  Let’s explore.

Infrastructure and platform teams start to get involved approximately two days after the unexpectedly large bill arrives.

That aside, this is a really nice article covering several platform technologies, including Impala, Hive LLAP, and Spark SQL.