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Azure Data Factory Templates and Source Control

Cathrine Wilhelmsen continues a series on Azure Data Factory. First up is source control:

And yeah, I usually recommend that you set up source control early in your project, and not on day 18… However, it does require some external configuration, and in this series I wanted to get through the Azure Data Factory basics first. But by now, you should know enough to decide whether or not to commit to Azure Data Factory as your data integration tool of choice.

Next up is using the template gallery:

You can also create custom templates and share them with your team – or share them externally with others. Custom templates are saved in your code repository and will show up in the template gallery for you and your team. If you want to share them externally, you can easily export them, so others can import them in their Azure Data Factory.

Let’s take a look!

Read on to learn more.