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Managing On-Prem Data Gateways

Jamie Wick has some advice for managing Azure on-premises data gateways:

When organizations become aware of the On-premises Data Gateway application, there can be an explosion in the number of gateways that are connected to the tenant. Some people will invariably install a ‘temporary’ gateway on their local computer while they investigate/develop a new PowerBI report, PowerApp or Azure Automation process. All of these ‘temporary’ gateway instances can create problems when the systems that use them are moved into production and remain connected to the ‘temporary’ gateways.

In a previous post, I wrote about how to install and use an On-premises Data Gateway to connect on-site data with Azure-based apps (PowerBI, PowerApps, etc). Now we’re going to look at how to curtail the sprawl of gateways that may be occurring and how to remove any existing gateways that are deemed to be unnecessary.

Sprawl happens, but Jamie shows you how to limit it.