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Functional Java

Rishi Khandelwal lays out imperative versus functional Java with several examples:

As a java developer, you must have confused, whether should I move to the functional programming paradigm? What are the benefits it provide to us? People are talking about it everywhere. So let’s give it a try once and then you can decide whether you should go to the functional paradigm or not.

We will see the functional programming features one by one with the code examples and will compare it with the imperative way of java programming.

The snide part of me says “Hey, look, Java’s almost caught up to C# 3.0!” But that’s pushing it a little far. I think these functional pieces improve the language similarly to how they did C#, but if I were a regular Java developer, I’d probably look to Scala or Kotlin instead (says the guy who won’t shut up already about F#).