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When FOR JSON PATH Isn’t Enough

Dave Mason walks us through some options when working with JSON data in SQL Server:

In both situations, we need to know something about the JSON schema to query it in a meaningful way: in the first example, column names and types are hard-coded; in the second example, column names are hard-coded as path parameter values for the JSON_VALUE function. Even though JSON data is self-describing, SQL Server doesn’t have a way to infer schema. (I would be quite happy to be wrong about this–please add a comment if you know something I don’t!) About the time I came to this realization, I commented on Twitter that JSON might be fool’s gold. You don’t need to know schema to store JSON data in SQL Server. But you do if you want to query it. “It’s pay me now or pay me later.”

It’s schema on read or schema on write. I’m not sure there is ever a truly schema-free scenario in a business application.