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Designing a Layered Donut Chart in Power BI

Prathy Kamasani shares how to build a layered donut chart in Power BI:

You can view the full report here –

The tricky bit of any good data visualisation is finding interesting data, inspiration and story. In my report, my story was to show the comparison of Ofsted school ratings among the total number of schools. I also wanted to carry my story between report pages with colours.

So in this particular visual, I wanted to make it visually appealing, so I decided to show two metrics on each donut visual, the measure I want and the total number of schools. Then I resized each visual in a way so that they look like one visual. Those days there were no grouping, but now we can group them as one visual too. Also, when I first designed this report, default Power BI donut chart didn’t have an option to resize the ring, so I went for Circular gauge by MAQ software. Now we can use the default Donut chart too.

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