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Using PowerPoint to Create Power BI Layouts

Jon Fletcher has a good tip for snazzing up a Power BI dashboard:

First question, why bother with layouts?
Using layouts in Power BI allows a user to make their visuals stand out better, the page looks professional and more appealing to its audience.

Second question, why PowerPoint?
The default page size in Power BI desktop is 16:9, (this trick doesn’t work for other Power BI page sizes), which is identical to a PowerPoint slide.
Therefore whatever is designed in PowerPoint will fit onto a Power BI page perfectly. Also PowerPoint is very easy to use; most people are familiar with it.

Click through for an example. It’s easy to go overboard with this, but Jon does a good job of using a muted color so that the edges don’t overwhelm your eyes. I might knock it down a shade or two further from that, but regardless, this is a nice tip.