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Common Mistakes When Moving to the Cloud

Dave Wentzel takes us through common issues companies experience when adopting a cloud provider:

Don’t make these mistakes:

– Don’t try to use pricing calculators and expect their answers to be close to what your actual spend will be. Cloud expenses are buried everywhere. Instead, have a rough budget to move ONE app to the cloud. Migrate it. Wait a month and examine the bill. What line items were you NOT expecting to see? Is data egress higher than you thought? That’s common. Now, how can you creatively fix that?

– PaaS is never cheaper, at least initially. I call this The PaaS Tax. It will cost you more to use PaaS than to run the same workload in IaaS. Initially. Remember, the paradigm is different from “datacenter” to “cloud”. PaaS becomes cheaper when you leverage PaaS scaling. Since you can’t really scale something like SQL Server in your data center, most people forget this. But in the cloud you can scale down your SQL Server when it is lightly used. That’s how you save money.

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