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Errors with SQL Server TDE and Azure Key Vault

Amit Banerjee takes us through troubleshooting issues when using Azure Key Vault as the key storage mechanism for Transparent Data Encryption:

The first one was a 404 error. When I looked the application event log, I saw the following error:

Operation: getKeyByName
Key Name: ContosoRSAKey0
Message: [error:112, info:404, state:0] The server responded 404, because the key name was not found. Please make sure the key name exists in your vault.

The simple reason for the above error is that I was using an incorrect key name or the key didn’t exist in my Azure Key Vault. So the remediation is to check if the key exists in your Azure Key Vault. If not, then create the key.

Read on for additional errors you might run into, as well as a link to an Azure Data Studio notebook to set this up yourself.