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Azure Data Factory Pipeline Hierarchies

Paul Andrew explains the idea of pipeline hierarchies with respect to Azure Data Factory:

Next, even if the concept isn’t new, where I’d like to call out two big differences in my approach to orchestration with ADF comes from working within Microsoft Azure. The highly scalable cloud platform presents some new challenges that SSIS simply didn’t. For me these are:

– Needing to consider our wider solution and what things now cost. I’m fairly sure I’ve said it before. When working with ‘Pay-as-you-go’ services we need to think about designing for cost/consumption as well as all our other data transformation and output requirements. In Azure it is so easy to just leave resources running night and day, when only a short window of compute is needed.
– We need to consider the scale out capabilities of the other services that ADF is going to invoke. Or, to put it another way, how much parallel activity execution do we want ADF to achieve? As you may know the ADF ForEach activity by default allows us to execution inner activities in parallel, but is that enough?

It’s a very interesting idea; read the whole thing.