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Migrating Old Databases to New Versions

Chrissy LeMaire walks us through migrating an old, old application database to SQL Server 2017:

There was even a linked server in the mix, but our biggest concerns revolved around the changing collation and the Agent jobs, which were known to be brittle.

The destination test server was an existing shared server, which mirrored the scenario that would play out in production. And while the databases only needed to exist on the new server for a limited period of time, these migrated databases were going to be the most important databases on the entire instance. This meant that the SQL Server configs were going to have to cater to this app’s needs. One exception was the collation, as the accent sensitivity was determined not to be a big deal and the vendor agreed.

Read on to see how Chrissy did it. The answer, naturally, is with dbatools.