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Writing SQL Against Cosmos DB

Hasan Savran shows how to query Cosmos DB documents with SQL:

CosmosDB’s SQL API uses T-SQL like language to query the database. It looks like T-SQL language. You still need to use SELECT, FROM, WHERE clause to retrieve the data you are looking for. It looks similar but it works different because the data structure is different. CosmosDB is not a relational database that means you cannot join other containers.

     Let’s start with SELECT. You can use * to select all properties but just like T-SQL you shouldn’t, pick only what you need. Charge of a Request Units depends on how much data your queries retrieves from containers. ORMs like to select everything and that’s one of the reasons DBAs don’t like them. I know couple of ORM supports CosmosDB. Think twice if you want to use an ORM with CosmosDB. Don’t let an ORM to generate a query for CosmosDB. You will literally pay for it!

Feasel’s Law in force, with a bonus of “ORMs are expensive.”