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Using Show-Command with dbatools

Garry Bargsley shows how you can “build” a GUI for any Powershell cmdlet, using one from dbatools as an example:

The Show-Command cmdlet will display in a graphical interface all the parameter options related to a function, cmdlet or workflow.

I always recommend the book “Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches” for people that ask me how to get started with PowerShell.  It is a very thorough book and I believe helps build the foundation you need to user PowerShell to the fullest.  Earlier this month I spent time going through the book for maybe the third time.  I must have blown right by the Show-Command cmdlet which shows up in Chapter 4, as I do not ever remembering seeing it before.  Then a couple of weeks ago Kenneth Fisher ( b | t ) post a blog about this command.  I like how Kenneth related the Show-Command in PowerShell to generating scripts with SSMS.  This is a great comparison for the DBA to understand.  After reading his blog post I thought, wow, this might be a handy tool to combine with my favorite module out there dbatools.

Click through for a demonstration.