Microsoft’s R Roadmap

David Smith has a review of Microsoft’s R roadmap, focusing on Azure:

The post references this guide to the machine learning services in Azure, along with their supported languages. Services that currently support R include Azure Machine Learning StudioSQL Server Microsoft Machine Learning ServiceMicrosoft Machine Learning ServerAzure Data Science Virtual MachineAzure Databricks, and more.

David links to this strategy post:

The R and Python programming languages are primary citizens for data science on the Azure AI Platform. These are the most common languages for performing data preparation, transformation, training and operationalization of machine learning models; the core components for one’s digital transformation leveraging AI. Yet they are fundamentally different in many aspects, directly affecting not only deployed solutions IT architectures but also but also corporate strategies for developer skills and product supportability.
This series of articles is designed help you understand the options your company and customers have to support and evolve their R strategy.

It’s good to see some of this out in the open for planning purposes.

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