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An Intro to SQL Server Big Data Clusters

Mohammad Darab has a series on Big Data Clusters. Part zero explains what they are:

The *absolute* unique feature that BDCs offer that *no* other company or product offers is: Data Virtualization

The new and enhanced SQL Server 2019 Polybase feature comes with connectors to many different data sources: Oracle, Teradata, Apache Spark, MongoDB, Azure Cosmos DB, and even ODBC connectivity to IBM’s DB2, SAP HANA and excel (see image below)

Part one shows how to set one up:

So far, Microsoft does not have a simple way to create a Big Data Cluster. It’s a bit cumbersome of a process and the learning curve is a bit steep. However, Microsoft is currently working on making it easier to deploy a Big Data Cluster via Notebook in Azure Data Studio and eventually some type of “deployment wizard.” But for now, the only option is to do it the long way.

The series will continue, but check out the setup work.