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Koen Verbeeck takes us through a couple of Snowflake functions which behave quite differently from their SQL Server equivalent:

I’m doing a little series on some of the nice features/capabilities in Snowflake (the cloud data warehouse). In each part, I’ll highlight something that I think it’s interesting enough to share. It might be some SQL function that I’d really like to be in SQL Server, it might be something else.
Let’s start with SPLIT. Splitting string is something most of us have to do from time to time. In SQL Server, we had to wait until SQL Server 2016 when the table-valued function STRING_SPLIT came along. The syntax of both functions is exactly the same. You specify the string to split and the delimiter.

It turns out that SPLIT doesn’t quite split the same way that STRING_SPLIT does in SQL Server. It gets closer when you add FLATTEN but someone coming from a SQL Server background will still need to pay attention.