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Wrapping Up 12 Days Of dbatools

Garry Bargsley has gone through twelve days of the dbatools module’s functionality:

The final day is upon us and I have saved the best for last and one you can take in to the holiday season as a present from our fearless leader of dbatools.  The Start-DbaMigration is where the dbatools module started years ago.  Who of us have not said “I really should automate this tedious SQL migration stuff” so I do not forget a step when I have not had enough coffee.  Well Chrissy LeMaire (b | t) not only said it, but made it reality.  This early work has grown in to the dbatools module that we know today and has grown in to a multi-tool toolkit that help the DBA expand their skills without having the burden of learning a scripting language and the complexity that goes with hooking it to your SQL Server.

This tool has literally changed my life since finding it a couple years ago.  Not only am I doing work in PowerShell, I am automating work processes.  Also, this has contributed to my personal growth.  Chrissy and team has such a welcoming atmosphere and inclusion around the project, it has guided me to contribute to an open source project as well as guided me to presenting at SQL Saturdays events.

Read the whole thing. And if you missed parts of the series, they’re all up on Garry’s blog.