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Message Queues For The DBA

Drew Furgiuele explains message queueing theory and puts together a nice demo:

Please note, there’s one thing I need to make super abundantly clear for this demo: You’d never, ever configure these components like this for production. There’s so much more to consider, like setting up RabbitMQ to use SSL, writing actual applications and services instead of PowerShell to handle message listeners, and putting more effort into Service Broker. This should serve fine as a proof of concept, but if you want to actually implement something like this, make sure you do you research and follow best practices for each component.

This is the warning label on the chainsaw that says “normally you’d grab it by the other end.”  This is a great post, giving an introduction to tying Service Broker to RabbitMQ.  My biases lead me to Apache Kafka over RabbitMQ in most cases, but that’s just me.