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Category: Azure SQL Edge

Provisioning Storage for Azure SQL Edge

Andrew Pruski continues a series on running Azure SQL Edge on a cluster of Raspberry Pis:

In a previous post we went through how to setup a Kubernetes cluster on Raspberry Pis and then deploy Azure SQL Edge to it.

In this post I want to go through how to configure a NFS server so that we can use that to provision persistent volumes in the Kubernetes cluster.

There are a fair number of steps, but Andrew does a good job taking us through them.

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Running Azure SQL Edge on Kubernetes

Andrew Pruski isn’t satisfied with one Raspberry Pi:

I’ve been playing around with Kubernetes for a while now and things like Azure Kubernetes Service are great tools to learn but I wanted something that I’d built from the ground up.

Something that I could tear down, fiddle with, and rebuild to my heart’s content.

So earlier this year I finally got around to doing just that and with Azure SQL Edge going GA with a disconnected mode I wanted to blog about my setup.

Click through to see how to do this.

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Running SQL Server on a Raspberry Pi

Andrew Pruski walks us through Azure SQL Database Edge:

This allows SQL Server to run on ARM devices which will expand the range of SQL Server considerably.

Just think how many devices are out there that run ARM. That includes my favourite device, the Raspberry Pi.

So, let’s run through how to get SQL running on a Raspberry Pi!

The process is fairly simple—among all of the steps, the one I had the most trouble with was actually finding the right marketplace, as I ended up in a different one somehow.

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