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An Overview of gganimate

Dario Radecic shows off a neat library:

The main criticism people have when it comes to ggplot2 is the static nature of the charts it has to offer. Truth be told, it will never be an interactive visualization king like Highcharts, but it doesn’t mean animation is out of the picture.

Meet R gganimate – a natural extension of ggplot2 that allows you to visualize your data change through time or some other variable, and then render and export the chart as a set of PNGs, or a single GIF/MP4.

Click through to learn more about it. I remembered the original gganimate and was going to say, “Wow, I hadn’t heard of that library in forever.” But it turns out that Thomas Lin Pedersen built a newer version of the library and has added in quite a bit of functionality since the last time I looked. H/T R-Bloggers.