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Granting Developers Query Store Access

Josephine Bush wants to allow developers to solve their own problems:

Let’s have devs look at their own query performance. Yes, please, sign me up for that! Sometimes, it’s hard for me to know the best course of action, especially when they are using Entity Framework, but it’s a great start for them to use Query Store to see how impactful their queries are. I’m happy to help them decipher results if they are confused, but I really like performance tuning being a team sport. I was giving them a list of queries with, for example, high CPU usage, but it was even better when they could go in there and use Query Store for themselves on a regular basis.

The actual granting of rights takes a couple lines of T-SQL, and Josephine also provides an overview of Query Store along the way. Erik Darling’s sp_QuickieStore plays a prominent role in this post and I agree that it’s extremely helpful. I’d also be remiss not bringing up QDS Toolbox as well, as it’s a rather good solution in its own right.

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