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GRANT Operations in Postgres

Shaun Thomas takes us through GRANT operations and roles in Postgres:

Not every database-backed application needs to be locked down like Fort Knox. Sometimes there are even roles that leverage blanket access to large swathes of available data, if not every table, simply for auditing or monitoring purposes. Normally this would require quite a bit of preparation or ongoing privilege management, but Postgres came up with a unique solution starting with version 14: predefined roles.

This topic comes up relatively frequently in Postgres chats like Discord, Slack, and IRC. Usually it’s along the lines of: “We have a low security application but have separated read and write access from the table owner to avoid accidents. That user should still be able to read or write any table in the database. What do I do?”

This is an area where Postgres and SQL Server are using the same terms but aren’t quite speaking the same language.

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