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Using PostGIS in the Terminal

Dian M. Fay talks turkey about terminals:

Of late, I’ve been falling down a bunch of geospatial rabbit holes. One thing has remained true in each of them: it’s really hard to debug what you can’t see.

There are ways to visualize these. Some more-integrated SQL development environments like pgAdmin recognize and plot columns of geometry type. There’s also the option of standing up a webserver to render out raster and/or vector tiles with something like Leaflet. Unfortunately, I don’t love either solution. I like psql, vim, and the shell, and I don’t want to do some query testing here and copy others into and out of pgAdmin over and over; I’m actually using Leaflet and vector tiles already, but restarting the whole server just to start debugging a modified query is a bit much in feedback loop time.

Read on for Dian’s recommendations.

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