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Postgres Data Extraction with LATERAL joins and More

Ryan Booz extracts some data:

In our data hungry world, knowing how to effectively load and transform data from various sources is a highly valued skill. Over the last couple of years, I’ve learned how useful many of the data manipulation functions in PostgreSQL can supercharge your data transformation and analysis process, using just PostgreSQL and SQL.

For the last couple of decades, “Extract Transform Load” (ETL) has been the primary method for manipulating and analyzing the results. In most cases, ETL relies on an external toolset to help acquire different forms of data, slicing and dicing it into a form suitable for relational databases, and then inserting the results into your database of choice. Once it’s in the destination table with a relational schema, querying and analyzing it is much easier.

I call out CROSS JOIN LATERAL (or any kind of lateral join) here because it’s the ANSI equivalent of T-SQL’s APPLY operator, and I’ve already pointed out once today that I’m a huge fan of APPLY.