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Overloading Power BI in Microsoft Fabric

Reitse Eskens pushes the envelope:

In my previous blog on Fabric and loadtesting, I ended with not really knowing how PowerBI would respond to all these rows. After creating and presenting a session on this subject, it’s time to dig into this part of Fabric as well. There were questions and I made promises. So here goes! This blog will only show the F2 experience as that’s where things went off the road. And, as I’ve shown in the previous blog, the CU count doesn’t change between SKU’s, only the amount of SKU’s available changes.
This blog isn’t meant to scold Fabric or make it look silly, I’m the one who’s silly. The goal is to show some limitations, a way you can do some load testing and help you find your way in the available metrics.

Read on to see what Reitse has gotten into.