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Script Comparison with kdiff3

Steve Jones is speaking my language:

I had a customer recently ask if SQL Compare could show them the differences in two scripts they’ve written. They weren’t using version control (tsk, tsk, shame), but saw SQL Compare and the “Scripts folder” option. This isn’t used for random scripts, but I do have a better solution: KDiff3.

KDiff is an old project that is used to analyze multiple files and merge the differences. There is an archived SoundForge location, but the more modern version is here. That’s the current code location, and you can see the readme for details. To get started, download and install it.

I remember (cue “Pepperidge Farms Remembers” meme) back when kdiff3 was only available in KDE. That’s when I first learned of it, and ever since there was a Windows port, I’ve been a dedicated user. Yes, it’s an old tool, but it works really well.