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Indexing for Substring Searches

Daniel Hutmacher prepares the bloom filter:

A question from a client got me thinking. Relational databases (at least the ones I know and love) can’t really index for queries that use LIKE queries for a substring of a column value. If you want to search for strings beginning with a given string, a regular rowstore index will have you covered. If you’re looking for entire words or sentences, a full text index might be a good call. But because of the very way indexes work, you’ll never get great performance searching for just arbitrary parts of a string.

So today I’ll put on my lab coat and do a little rocket surgery, just to prove to the world that it can be done.

The suffix tree approach was an interesting one. I’ve also seen people attack this problem using bloom filters (as I alluded to in the link text) and n-grams. A commenter does note n-grams (specifically, tri-grams) as a viable solution as well.