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Things to Ignore: SQL Server I/O Affinity

Sean Gallardy recommends you not touch this:

I honestly have no idea how or why people tend to use this configuration option, if you know please drop me a line and let me know or put a comment below, I’m genuinely curious. When I ask people why this is set when I see/find it, I normally get a “well that’s how the last server was” or “I don’t know”. Awesome. I always like to just change random settings for no particular reason. Some days you wake up decide you’re going to go change a bunch of settings on your computer because why not, it’ll be fun.

There probably is a reason, though Sean’s speculation of “so the benchmark scores for SQL Server testing would be higher” is just as likely the cause as anything else. My fallback alternative is “one very large customer threw a lot of money Microsoft’s way to add a setting that works for them but nobody else.” There are a couple of those in the product, too.

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