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Unpivoting Data via CROSS APPLY

Aaron Bertrand’s speaking my language:

I’ve written about UNPIVOT before – see Use SQL Server’s UNPIVOT operator to help normalize output and Use SQL Server’s UNPIVOT operator to dynamically normalize output. It’s a powerful language feature that lets you flip results sideways, sort of like the opposite of PIVOT. This is great if you have columns like Phone1 and Phone2 but want to collapse them into one column. One of the challenges is that if you have other columns you also want to collapse similarly, like Email1 and Email2, you need to add an additional UNPIVOT operator or use a different approach. Is there a way to do this in a less complicated way?

Click through for the answer. And a free Curated SQL protip: if you ever want linked here, write an article about a good use case for the APPLY operator. I’m a sucker for those.