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Triangular Distributions and R

Steven Sanderson unleashes the power of the triangle:

The Triangular Distribution is a continuous probability distribution with a triangular shape, hence the name. It is defined by three parameters: minmax, and mode. These parameters determine the range of values the distribution can take and the most likely value within that range. In mathematical terms, the probability density function (PDF) of the Triangular Distribution is given by:

Read on to see the definition, as well as how you can use the four functions around the Triangular Distribution.

By the way, the best-known case of the Triangular Distribution is combining the results of two fair dice, which gives us a peak at the number 7 (1/6 of the time) for a pair of fair, six-sided dice and moving symmetrically down from there, so p(6) = p(8), p(5) = p(9), and so on.