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SQL Agent and Memory Consumption

Sean Gallardy performs some troubleshooting:

I was asked if I knew any reason why SQL Agent would be using “a bunch” of memory and more cpu than normal. You and I, reader, now have the same information to go on. What do you do? Think about for a minute or two if you want before reading on. I’m not saying the way I did it was the way to do it or the only way, but I gave an action plan for data capture and once data was in hand, was solved in a few minutes. There are all sorts of things that can cause this in a program, but Agent typically doesn’t use a whole lot, unless it’s executing many concurrent T-SQL jobs (which, it really shouldn’t be, get enterprise level scheduling) and even then, the memory should deallocate.

My first inclination turned out to be right: I figured it had to do with a job running. The specifics, that was something I wasn’t sure about, but Sean takes us through the troubleshooting process.