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Instant File Initialization for Log Files in SQL Server 2022

Aaron Bertrand tries something new:

When I first saw a bullet item stating SQL Server 2022 would support instant file initialization for log file growth, I was excited. When I later learned it only applies to automatic growths, and only those of 64 MB or less, I was a little less excited. With those limitations, I was skeptical this enhancement could supplant my long-standing practice of using 1 GB autogrowth for log files – at least ever since SSDs and other modern storage became more commonplace.

But after playing with it, I’m a believer.

I happened to be chatting with Thomas Grohser as he presented for our user group last week, and he also mentioned how good this feature is, as well as how VLF rules changed a bit so you don’t get as heavily penalized by growing in 64MB increments. Aaron does some testing to give us an idea of how much of a benefit you might achieve in making this change.