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Trying Query Parameterization Settings in SQL Server

Tibor Karaszi builds a test:

You have probably seen the recommendation to turn on the “optimize for ad-hoc workloads” setting. You might even have seen a more recent recommendation to set the database setting parameterization to forced (instead of the default which is simple). The aim of this post is to briefly describe each and then do some test with various settings.

Click through for that test. This is a good example of how we need to temper guidance with context. In Tibor’s scenario, forced parameterization is a no-brainer and optimize for ad hoc workloads gives a pretty nice reduction in plan cache utilization. But then, with optimize for ad hoc workloads on, you lose the ability to see the first run of a query in Query Store and lose the opportunity to tune the different variations of a query which only ran once. Pretty much every setting in SQL Server exists because there is a scenario in which that is the most appropriate setting. Except auto-shrink. Auto-shrink delenda est.