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Finding Faulty Rows in Tabular Server Errors

Teo Lachev goes error-hunting:

A scheduled SSIS job that executes a massive DAX query to an on-prem Tabular server (Power BI can also generate this error) one day decided to throw an error “Source: “Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Analysis Services.” Hresult: 0x80004005 Description: “MdxScript(Model) (2020, 98) Calculation error in measure ‘Account Snapshot'[Average utilisation % of all CR active current accounts last 3 months]: The result of a conversion or arithmetic operation is either too large or too small.” At least we know the offending measure, but which row is causing the error? The query requests some 300+ measures for 120 million customers, so I thought someone might find the troubleshooting technique useful. Let’s ignore what the measure does for now except mentioning that it performs a division of two other measures.

Click through for the technique.