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Diagnosing High CPU on SQL Server when It’s SQL Server’s Fault

Ajay Dwivedi continues a series on high CPU utilization:

In the last blog post Live Troubleshooting High CPU On SQL Server – Part 1, we worked on a scenario where we saw a high CPU on SQL Server due to some external OS level task. In this blog, we are going to explore a scenario where a high CPU issue is present because of the workload running on SQL Server.

Just like in the last blog post scenario, when I have to troubleshoot a “slow” SQL Server, if my SQL Server is baselined with the SQLMonitor tool, then I first visit my Monitoring – Live – All Servers dashboard which displays all the metrics of specific SQL Servers that need DBA help.

As normal, we see a scenario with SQLMonitor, as well as other options including sp_BlitzFirst.