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The SQL ConstantCare Population Report

Brent Ozar surveys the SQL Server landscape:

Ever wonder how fast people are adopting new versions of SQL Server, or what’s “normal” out there for SQL Server adoption rates, hardware sizes, or numbers of databases? Let’s find out in the summer 2022 version of our SQL ConstantCare® population report.

Out of the 3,151 servers sending in data recently, the most popular version of SQL Server is still 2016:

Every time I link to this, I say the same two things: one, that it’s important to keep in mind that this is necessarily a biased sample (in that it includes the subset of organizations which has people who are familiar with Brent’s work, spends enough money to get ConstantCare support, and has a need for this support); and two, that I appreciate this sample. Yes, it’s biased and not necessarily indicative of the broader market but it’s also useful information, especially seeing trends over time.