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A Critique of Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization

Brent Ozar is not amused:

Parameter sniffing is a notorious problem for Microsoft SQL Server because it tries to reuse execution plans, which doesn’t work out well for widely varying parameters. Here’s a primer for the basics about how it happens.

SQL Server 2022 introduces a new feature called Parameter Sensitive Plan optimization. I’m not really sure why Microsoft capitalized the first three letters sometimes and not others, or why they only abbreviate it as “PSP optimization” – as long as we’re abbreviating, why not call it PSPO? Optimization is the word in there with the most syllables – why the hell would we leave that one as the one that isn’t abbreviated?

Because I make things go faster for a living, we’re gonna call it PSPO. You’ll see how I pronounce it later, and why.

Erik Darling has also spent a lot of time talking about this. And at this point, I don’t know that how many (if any) of Brent’s critiques get fixed before RTM.