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Undocumented Goodies in SQL Server 2022 RC0

Brent Ozar digs through some internals:

Microsoft has an official list of what’s new in 2022 overall, but here I’m specifically focusing on system objects that might be interesting to script developers like you and I, dear reader.

New stored procedure sp_get_table_card_est_and_avg_col_len – I assume the “card” refers to statistics and cardinality, not Hallmark. SQL Server has historically struggled with memory grants because it uses datatype size to budget memory grants, and bigger-than-necessary data types (like NVARCHAR(MAX)) have led to larger-than-necessary grants. It’d be cool if this proc was a down payment to mitigate that problem, but I have a sinking feeling it has to do with external data sources. I would tell you more about it, but when I run it, I get:

Read on for the full list.